Applying online. 

Applicants have the ability to apply directly on the job board site for your job posting. They may also upload a resume for your perusal. In some cases however the job poster may wish to send job seekers to an official corporate web page. In order to do this you must create a link in the “how to apply” section of the post creation page. This text area works like a word processor (like MS Word) and allows you to create links. Here are step by step instructions:

1. Create link text in the text box provided as in figure 1.

When it makes sense to insert the link you wish applicants to use, type what you want the link to state. There  is no need to use the actual web address since you will insert that later. Thus you could create a link that states “click here to apply.”



2. Highlight the text you wish to become a link as in fig2. You will then see a link icon at the top of the editor. It looks like a link in a chain.

Once you highlight the link text you will notice a link icon become active in the toolbar.



3. Click the link icon and fill out the short form that pops up. 

The only required field is the “link URL”. The other fields are not needed and can be ignored. Once you enter your website URL, click “insert” and your link will be live. Be sure to include the actual website address including the http:// without it the link will not work. The proper format for the link would be You may ignore the other settings.




More on how to use the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.

 Using the “paste from Word” function. 

Many documents are composed in Microsoft Word, you may copy and paste into the editor to create your job posting. However; Word adds a lot of code that does not need to be there. For best results you should use the “paste from Word” function. This cleans the extra code out of the copied Word document. To use this function find the Word icon in the tool bar of the editor as in figure4.




A dialog box will open and you may paste your content into the box.




Click insert then continue with the posting process.

 Using the controls at the bottom of the job listing pages. (Jobs Action Bar)

Near the bottom of each job listing is a bar containing a number of buttons. If you are a Job Seeker and logged in, your action bar will look like this:




Apply online: this button will cause a “mini” application to appear allowing the logged in Job Seeker to apply for the position directly on the page. Please note that some employers choose not to allow on site applications. If this is the case the “Apply Online” button will not appear.

Star Job: This button will cause the job listing you are currently viewing to be added to your “starred jobs” which may be viewed on your dashboard. Think of it as a favorites for jobs.

Print Job: This function will cause the job you are currently on to print to your local printer. How this actually behaves in practice is entirely up to your browser and personal computer settings. Typically you will see a dialog box with printer information. Simply choose the appropriate setting and print.

View Map: Clicking this button will show a Google map of the job location. The location shown on the map is based on the information the employer enters into the system so accuracy is not guaranteed.