How long are job postings available online? 

The default is 90 days, this may be extended by contacting our office and requesting a longer interval. You may also re-list the post at any time. If there is no action, the post will automatically become inactive after 90 days.

How long are resumes available online? 

Your resume will be online indefinitely, however periodically throughout the year we may purge the database.  You will receive an email requesting action on your account. If no action is taken your resume may be deleted. Your account however will remain intact and you can re-submit a resume at any time.

How many resumes may I post?

You may post up to 4 resumes.

I am an employer with an account, how do I view resumes?

If you are logged in as an employer, look at the very top of the page for “browse resumes”. That link will take you to a list of available resumes.

What happens when I “Star” a job? 

When you click “Star Job” on the job posting page, the system will save this job in your dashboard. You will see a list of “starred” jobs when you next visit your dashboard. Think of it as a way to save job postings you are interested in.

What happens when a job seeker completes the online application? 

If the employer chooses to allow online applications when they are setting up the job listing, a registered and logged in job seeker will be able to apply for the job and upload a resume directly from the job listing page. Once a job seeker completes the form, an email will be sent to the employer email address given during set up. This email contains the job seekers information and any uploaded documents they chose to share. This feature allows a convenient way for job seekers to get information to the employer.  Some companies prefer applicants to use their own human resource pages or custom application forms. If this is the case the employer should choose to disable the online application feature when setting up the job listing.

How do I edit my profile? 

Once logged in, you should already be at your “My Dashboard” page. If not, find the link at the very top of the page that says “My Dashboard.” Look in the right hand navigation for “Account Options” there you can view and edit your profile.

How do I use tags?

When completing the job posting form you will see a text entry box for tags. A tag is just a keyword that helps job seekers find and sort your job listing. Since we are only allowing one category per listing, you may fill in any gaps with tags. Enter two or three keywords that describe the positions, separate them with comma’s. Please capitalize the tag name.

Example Tags:

Chemical Engineer, Ceramics, Medical